Clyde Barteaux Architectural Planning & Design Services
Clyde Barteaux Architectural Planning & Design Services
Clyde Barteaux Architectural Planning & Design Services

The Process.

First Meeting

The initial meet and greet is time to discuss ideas and get a feel for your special project.There will be questions related to the design requirements so concepts can be developed. Preliminary time lines and fee structures should be discussed prior to beginning the planning and design of your project. By now you should have an under-standing of the custom service I can provide for you.

Gathering Information

Site features and any existing structures should be documented. Copies of existing building plans, site survey’s and existing utility locations, etc. are required. The more information, ideas and examples you can provide up front, the easier and more efficient the design process can be to fit your specific needs. This information will allow me develop concept layouts.

Concept Phase

There will be discussions to coordinate ideas for meaningful design concepts. Preliminary layouts will be produced and reviewed to shape the project parameters and begin to mold the design to fit your needs. Early in the process you should do personalized research for picking materials, colors and finishes as well as types of fixtures, devices and appliances to confirm items for coordination.

Personalize and commitment

to the design

Adjustments will be implemented and the process will move toward a final design that will be both unique and satisfactory to you. Your decision to confirm the final concept will move us into the production of construction documentation. Any major design changes beyond this point may substantially increase the volume of work required and would increase the fees and the delivery timing accordingly.

Final Drawings

Fully detailed drawings will be produced as documents to be used to apply for the required permits and will also be used by the contractors for bidding and construction purposes. If unforeseen situations arise after release of the documents, special instructions and / or detailing can be implemented to problem solve as cost effective solutions and be released as addendums for attachment to the original document.

Construction Phase

It is now time to break ground and turn dreams into reality. Coordination between the contractor and the Municipal Building Inspector will have to be done to fulfill the permit requirements. I can both provide site inspection services to confirm the contractor builds to the intent of the contract documents and be the problem solver if unforeseen conditions become evident. When construction is complete, your dream space is ready for you to occupy.
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